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Help the Victims & Tell the Story

One way to oppose militarism is to take concrete action to help its victims. Noora was shot in the head by a US sniper at the ripe and menacing age of 5. As her father writes, "On October 23, 2006, at 4 in the afternoon, American snipers positioned on a rooftop in my neighborhood started…
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What a 6-Year-Old Iraqi Girl Would Ask the American Who Shot Her in the Head

TruthDig posted a video produced by NMV: "The organization No More Victims works with local communities to bring children injured in America’s wars to the U.S. for medical treatment—children like this inspirational little Iraqi girl who simply beams despite everything she has been through." Truthdig is an excellent source of information about the US warfare…
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NMV: End the Wars and Bring the Troops Home

This is a brief video sketch of NMV’s work. Our appeal is made to all Americans. Remember: what we permit policymakers in the national security state to inflict on others, they will eventually inflict on us. The war is coming home: local police departments have been equipped with tools and tactics from battlefields abroad, and we their targets. To learn more about this ongoing menace, read this article by scholar Alfred McCoy.

Girl Shot by US Sniper Treated in Portland

Noora was shot by an American sniper near her home in Iraq. This is a mainstream media feature about her treatment in Portland, Maine. The reporters do an excellent job of stating essential facts and covering the human side of the story.

Noora’s journey toward recovery continues with return trip to US

The report was carried by the Portland Press Herald in Maine. NMV Editor's Note: The sniper who shot Noora was an American solider. Noora Afif Abdulhameed, an Iraqi girl who spent almost a year in Maine undergoing surgery to repair damage to her skull inflicted by a sniper's bullet, will return to Portland later this…
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Scott Horton Interviews Cole Miller

Scott Horton has provided incisive analysis of US foreign policy for more than a decade. To say that he's "tireless" in pursuit of key information about imperial violence and its victims would be an understatement. His guests include many of the most highly-regarded critics of US actions around the world. They do not spare the…
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Wounded Iraqi Girl Heads Home After Treatment in Maine

A seven-year-old girl is finally enjoying a long-awaited reunion with her mother and siblings, after spending nearly a year in Maine. Noora Abdulhameed and her father traveled to Portland for medical treatment to repair injuries she suffered during the war. For the past year, NECN reporter Marnie MacLean and videographer Dave Brosemer have followed Noora's…
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Noora’s Journey

This is a chronology of Noora's first visit to Portland, ME. To see an excellent video report about her visit that was broadcast on New England Cable News, click here. The "sniper's bullet" was fired by a US soldier. OCT. 23, 2006: Noora Afif Abdulhameed is hit by a sniper's bullet in Iraq on her…
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‘It’s All for Noora’

SCARBOROUGH (March 3, 2009): Harrison Tice loves to roller skate. He does it a few times a week playing street hockey in his Scarborough neighborhood. Now the 10-year-old is taking his love for his pastime and turning it into a way to help a young lady he calls “one special person.” Since late January, Harrison…
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Noora’s Journey: Healing Begins, Waiting Nears an End

In the days before doctors were scheduled to repair her shattered skull earlier this month, Noora Afif Abdulhameed occasionally talked about what was going to happen to her. The words would tumble out all at once, in one sentence, in between the games and laughs that blocked out the fear. "I think surgery Friday," the…
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Iraqi Girl Injured in War Undergoes Treatment in Maine

A six-year-old Iraqi girl is recovering from surgery in Maine hospital. We first introduced Noora Abdulhameed six weeks ago when she arrived in Portland, Maine. A group called "No More Victims" arranged for Noora to come for free medical care. Noora was shot two years ago during the war and suffered serious head injuries. Friday,…
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Iraqi Girl Travels to Maine for Surgery

Portland, ME, NECN- At first glance all anyone sees is a happy and polite six year old girl, Noora Afif Abdulhameed is getting a taste of home at a middle eastern cafe in Portland. But Noora is not just a visitor from another country she is a victim of war, and hoping doctors in Maine…
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Chewonki Coast Semester Students Aid 6-year-old Iraqi Girl

WISCASSET -- Ten students at Chewonki's Maine Coast Semester have collaborated to create a fundraising project to help bring a young Iraqi girl to Maine Medical Center for treatment. The students have designed and are selling canvas grocery bags, sending all the proceeds to No More Victims, the nonprofit organization that will bring Nora, a…
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Maine Community Works to Help Injured Iraqi Girl

Arundel, Maine - A community in Maine is working to raise money to bring an injured Iraqi girl to the United States for surgery. The 6-year-old was shot when a bullet fired by a U.S. soldier hit the car she was riding in. NECN's Marnie MacLean has the story. [Click for video] (more…)
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Wounded Iraqi Girl to be Treated in Maine

A 5-year-old Iraqi girl was riding with her father through the city of Heet in the fall of 2006 when an explosive bullet fired by a U.S. soldier penetrated the roof of their car and struck her head. The bullet shattered bones and ruptured her cerebral membrane. After four surgeries in Iraq, Noora Afif Abdulhameed…
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Project helps Iraqi children hurt by war all year round

Is there something about this time of year that makes stories featuring children more poignant? Or is it just that as we get closer to the holidays, we naturally hear more about the plight of children who have to make do with less in a can't-get-enough world? I have to confess that this has been…
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