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NMV: End the Wars and Bring the Troops Home

This is a brief video sketch of NMV’s work. Our appeal is made to all Americans. Remember: what we permit policymakers in the national security state to inflict on others, they will eventually inflict on us. The war is coming home: local police departments have been equipped with tools and tactics from battlefields abroad, and we their targets. To learn more about this ongoing menace, read this article by scholar Alfred McCoy.

NMV Shows ‘Human Face’ of War

NECN’s Greg Wayland has the story of a young Iraq War survivor and the people who have gathered to help him. Portraits by photographer Rania Matar of a child horribly burned and broken by war. But reviving in body and spirit thanks to Boston’s Children’s Hospital, Doctors John Meara and Brian Labow, the Ray Tye…
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Omar’s Story

Listen Online: WBUR, Boston On January 9th, 2006 an Iraqi family was travelling from their home in Mosul to Baghdad for a holiday, when for a still unknown reason, U.S. soldiers fired on the family van. The father, Sabah, was shot and when the van burst into flames, his wife, Su'ad, was killed. One of…
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Project helps Iraqi children hurt by war all year round

Is there something about this time of year that makes stories featuring children more poignant? Or is it just that as we get closer to the holidays, we naturally hear more about the plight of children who have to make do with less in a can't-get-enough world? I have to confess that this has been…
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News Report from Iraq: Who Will Help Omar?

This report was originally broadcast in Iraq. Omar was horribly burned when US forces opened fire on a passenger vehicle as he traveled with his family to visit relatives during Eid. The obvious corollary: foreign forces opening fire on a family on its way to celebrate Christmas with relatives. Such crimes cause deep anger and expose American civilians to reprisal attacks. Those who pretend to be “protecting Americans” are in fact exposing all Americans to danger by committing international war crimes on a vast scale.

The failure of the corporate media to inform Americans about these crimes makes them complicit, and leaves Americans generally uninformed about the root causes of “terrorism” and susceptible to Pentagon propaganda. We brought Omar to Boston for treatment that was not provided by the US military. Omar got help with his horrific injuries. Americans learned about his story, and the project communicated to the world that millions of Americans are opposed to aggression and deeply sympathetic with its defenseless victims.