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Rusul’s Life-changing Steps

A news crew captures young Rusul's first steps on a new prosthetic leg. Rusul's foot was badly mangled in an American missile strike that killed her brother and blew off both of her sister's legs. NMV brought Rusul to Shriners Hospital in Greenville, SC for injuries caused by US forces in Iraq. A missile strike…
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Rusul Recovers from Amputation

We first told you about her in July, little Rusul Jalal, whose right foot was disfigured by a missile attack in front of her home in Iraq. Doctor's at Greenville Shriners Hospital amputated her foot earlier this summer. But in 2 weeks, she'll be able to walk again, with a new prosthetic. The road to…
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Child Victim of Iraq War Gets Medical Care in Greenville

Rusul received expert prosthetic treatment at Shriner’s Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina. In this video, she walks on her new leg for the first time. Special thanks again to Ed Skewes, who fitted Rusul and her sister Salee with prostheses.

Rusul’s leg was mangled in the US air strike that killed her brother and another young child. At the time the missile struck, the children were playing hopscotch outside Rusul’s home.

Project helps Iraqi children hurt by war all year round

Is there something about this time of year that makes stories featuring children more poignant? Or is it just that as we get closer to the holidays, we naturally hear more about the plight of children who have to make do with less in a can't-get-enough world? I have to confess that this has been…
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