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The Last Chance to Stop the NDAA

By Chris Hedges: I and my fellow plaintiffs have begun the third and final round of our battle to get the courts to strike down a section of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that permits the military to seize U.S. citizens, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military facilities. Carl…
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Brave New Film’s “The War on Whistle Blowers”

Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films have produced another important documentary, the War on Whistleblowers. Bradley Manning revealed war crimes, but instead of investigating and prosecuting the perpetrators, the US government subjected Manning to treatment denounced by the United Nations as "cruel and inhuman." He faces life in prison, while those who committed grave violations…
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Welcome Home, War!

How America's Wars Are Systematically Destroying Our Liberties By Alfred W. McCoy In his approach to National Security Agency surveillance, as well as CIA renditions, drone assassinations, and military detention, President Obama has to a surprising extent embraced the expanded executive powers championed by his conservative predecessor, George W. Bush. This bipartisan affirmation of the…
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