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I Am Bradley Manning

When we stand up for Bradley Manning, we stand up for truth, decency and ourselves. I am Bradley Manning (full HD) from
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James Steele: America’s mystery man in Iraq – Full Documentary – BBC

BBC Editor's Note: the investigation stemmed from Fago 242, an order issued from high levels of the US military. Bradley Manning did an enormous service by releasing the document to the press. A 15-month investigation by the Guardian and BBC Arabic reveals how retired US colonel James Steele, a veteran of American proxy wars in…
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How the U.S. Intentionally Destroyed Iraq’s Water Supply

Published in the September 2001 issue of The Progressive The Secret Behind the Sanctions by Thomas J. Nagy Over the last two years, I've discovered documents of the Defense Intelligence Agency proving beyond a doubt that, contrary to the Geneva Convention, the U.S. government intentionally used sanctions against Iraq to degrade the country's water supply…
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