Rusul Jalal

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Rusul Jalal, Salee Allawi’s sister, was injured in the same US air strike that took both of Salee’s legs. The girls’ brother Akram and several other children were playing outside when the missiles struck. Akram was killed, as was Salee’s best friend, Tabruk. Salee lost both of her legs and one of Rusul’s legs was mangled so badly her foot and ankle had to be amputated.

Rusul received expert treatment at Shriner’s Hospital, Greenville. Her foot was amputated above the ankle and prosthetist Ed Skewes fitted her with a prosthetic replacement. NMV groups in Greenville, South Carolina and Asheville, North Carolina worked together to make her treatment possible. Ann Miller and Selena Frank spearheaded local arrangements in Greenville.

The United States alleges it never targets civilians. This assertion is a subject of bitter humor among many troops who have been used to apply force thousands of miles away from America’s shores. It is also disproven by the Collateral Murder video released by Bradley Manning, in which American soldiers justify firing on children and celebrate killing unarmed, injured men. The US also fails to provide medical treatment for the thousands upon thousands of civilian injured by US forces. This generates enormous suffering and abiding bitterness and rage against the US, which places American citizens in danger of reprisal attacks. The militarists and ultra-nationalists who run US foreign policy are increasing the threat of “terrorism” while simultaneously dismantling the constitutional liberties they profess to be “protecting.” Police state powers at home and aggression abroad is their transparent objective.

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