Rusul Jalal

Rusul Jalal, Salee Allawi’s sister, was injured in the same US air strike that took both of Salee’s legs. The girls’ brother Akram and several other children were playing outside when the missiles struck. Akram was killed, as was Salee’s best friend, Tabruk. Salee lost both of her legs and one of Rusul’s legs was ... Read more

Omar Mahmood

In post-invasion and occupation Iraq, a trip to the store or to visit relatives became extremely dangerous for Iraqis. Omar and his family were traveling by taxi from Mosul to Baghdad to celebrate Ramadan. An American convoy opened fire on the vehicle, hitting Omar’s father Sabah with three bullets. The car burst into flames. NMV brought ... Read more

Mustafa Abed

On November 3, 2004, Mustafa Ahmed Abed, came down with a fever. He lived in Fallujah, a city in western Iraq. Mustafa’s mother had taken him to a clinic for a shot of antibiotics. She was returning home when an American air attack shook the city. She fled down the street carrying Mustafa in her ... Read more

Alaa’ Khalid

On May 5 2005 Alaa’ Khalid Hamdan was severely injured when a U.S. tank round struck her family’s home in Al Qaim, Iraq. Ashley Severance, a 22-year-old law student from Melbourne, Florida, contacted NMV and offered to help. She worked for months to set up pro-bono medical care in Orlando. Dr. Saad Shaik, a gifted ... Read more

Abdul Hakeem

On April 9, 2004 at 11:00 pm, Abdul Hakeem and his family were asleep at home when mortar rounds fired by US forces struck their home. His mother suffered abdominal and chest injuries and has undergone five major operations. His older brother and sister were injured, and his unborn sister killed. NMV learned about Abdul ... Read more

Salee Allawi

On November 7, 2006, Salee, a nine-year-old girl, was playing outside her home with her brother, cousin and some friends. US jets circled overhead. Then they fired three missiles, apparently at passenger vehicles. One missile detonated near the children. No More Victims brought Salee to Shriner’s Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina, where doctors amputated a ... Read more

Mustafa Ghazwan

On April 12, 2007, a US jet fired a powerful missile into a building next door to the home where two-year-old Mustafa Ghazwan lived with his family. The attack took place in the Al Mafraq neighborhood of Baqubah in the Iraqi province of Diyala. His uncle Anmar was in the living room with Mustafa when ... Read more

Noora Afif

Noora was shot by an American sniper near her home in Iraq. NMV brought her to Maine for surgery to repair damage to her skull. She was 6 years old when she arrived in Portland. The procedures were successful.