Occupy America

The movement to end the wars and establish genuine participatory democracy in America is growing. Wall Street bankers have done far more damage to the American people than any collection of terrorists could even dream of causing. Their punishment? A bailout and bigger bonuses. It’s time to restore the rule of law.

Occupy LA

Video shot October 6 at City Hall in downtown Los Angeles. The entire area is filled with tents, sleeping bags, a communal kitchen area, media center, and fed up young people who know that Wall Street and corporate America are foreclosing on their future. Join in!

Occupy Wall Street

Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz supports Occupy Wall Street:


In a brief speech amplified by an “echo chamber” of protesters (who shouted Stiglitz’s own words as a group because they’re banned from using megaphones), the Colombia University professor said that Wall Street had become wealthy by “socializing losses and privatizing gain,” calling it a scheme that’s “not capitalism.”

The enormous resources we squander on war should be devoted to creating jobs, restoring our decayed infrastructure, and developing the alternative energy technologies of the future. The vast majority of American citizens agree with these positions; we are the mainstream, while politicians and their corporate sponsors are the extremists.