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No More Victims reorganized in 2024 to help children or families impacted by war, climate change, or policies that undermine human, gender, and reproductive rights.

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No More Victims Working with Coalition to Evacuate Children From Gaza for Care

In early January 2024, No More Victims initiated a project in Greenville, South Carolina to help evacuate children from Gaza to the United States and arrange for pro-bono medical care. NMV’s project director presented a case to a community group in Greenville and contacted orthopedic specialists at Shriners Hospital. Ayham arrived in Greenville in March, and is receiving treatment. Jood, who was originally slated for treatment in Greenville, arrived in Chicago and is receiving treatment at Shriners Hospital. 
This established a continuity of care for war-injured children from the Middle East spanning almost 20 years. The same specialists from Greenville treated two children from Iraq who were injured in a US airstrike. No More Victims brought Salee Allawe and Rusul Jalal to Greenville for surgical and prosthetics treatment in 2007 and 2009. Salee, who lost both legs in the airstrike, returned multiple times for prosthetic refittings as she grew up.
The 2024 Israeli / Gaza War
A 2019 Family Reunification Project


In 2019, we reorganized under the banner of Solidarity Now to help a Mexican mother, Dalia Perez, reunite with her 14-year-old daughter Ixcell, who at the time was suffering from leukemia. The two were separated at the border in Tijuana and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection under the Trump administration refused to let Dalia cross to be at Ixcell’s bedside while she was undergoing painful chemotherapy treatments at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.
We assembled a coalition to support the Perez family that included physicians, church and civic groups, lawyers, and journalists. While working behind the scenes to help Dalia and Ixcell reunite, we launched a broad media and outreach campaign to tell their story, which went national. Within days of ongoing coverage of their plight, in both domestic and international media—along with a determined letter-writing campaign—Dalia was allowed to cross the border.

If we are to create peace in our world, we must begin with our children.
Mahatma Gandhi

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No More Victims began in late 2002 as the invasion of Iraq approached. In the years that followed, we worked with local community groups to evacuate hundreds of children impacted by the war and arrange for pro-bono medical care in the United States.

Today we act as a force multiplier for frontline humanitarian groups working on behalf of those disproportionately impacted by war, racism, gender inequality, and climate change. Our primary objective is to help communities create solidarity projects for children and families in need.
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