Abdul Hakeem, Injured by US Forces in Fallujah, Treated in Pittsburgh

Abdul Hakeem was disfigured when US mortars struck his home during the First Siege of Fallujah. His mother was also severely injured; eight months pregnant, she lost her child. NMV brought Abdul Hakeem to Pittsburgh, where he received facial reconstructive surgery and a prosthetic eye. Video includes Noam Chomsky commentary of the work of NMV.

NMV Director on Democracy Now

Learn about the work of No More Victims: Watch project director Cole Miller talk with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. See the video and transcript here.

Mustafa Ghazwan, Injured by US Missile Strike, Gets Cochlear Implant in San Francisco

No More Victims arranged to bring Mustafa Ghazwan, a young boy who lost his hearing after a bomb strike in Iraq, to San Francisco for pro-bono cochlear implants to restore his hearing.

Noora, Shot by US Sniper, Treated in Portland

Noora was shot by an American sniper near her home in Iraq. NMV brought her to Maine for surgery to repair damage to her skull. She was 6 years old when she arrived in Portland. The procedures were successful.

Rusul’s Story: A Prosthetic and a Second Chance

Seven-year-old Rusul Jalal was disfigured by a missile attack in front of her home in Iraq. In 2006 she survived a U.S. missile attack at her home in Iraq while playing hopscotch. Not only was her foot disfigured, the missile maimed her older sister and killed her brother. No More Victims brought her and her ... Read more

Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman Interviews Salee and Her Father

Before returning to Iraq, Salee and her father joined Amy Goodman on Democracy Now to talk about the American air strike that took her legs, their lives in occupied Iraq and the medical treatment she received under the auspices of NMV.