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NMV: End the Wars and Bring the Troops Home

This is a brief video sketch of NMV’s work. Our appeal is made to all Americans. Remember: what we permit policymakers in the national security state to inflict on others, they will eventually inflict on us. The war is coming home: local police departments have been equipped with tools and tactics from battlefields abroad, and we their targets. To learn more about this ongoing menace, read this article by scholar Alfred McCoy.

Boy Injured by US Forces in Fallujah Treated in Pittsburgh

Abdul Hakeem was disfigured when US mortars struck his home during the First Siege of Fallujah. His mother was also severely injured; eight months pregnant, she lost her child. NMV brought Abdul Hakeem to Pittsburgh, where he received facial reconstructive surgery and a prosthetic eye. Video includes Noam Chomsky commentary of the work of NMV.

Iraqi Boy Back at Children’s Hospital for More Surgery

Before he came to Pittsburgh two years ago, Abdul-Hakeem Khalaf didn't like going to school. Now the Iraqi boy is first in his class. Abdul-Hakeem, 10, was at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh on Thursday for more surgery to repair the scarred left side of his face, disfigured when coalition forces shelled his Fallujah home on…
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Project helps Iraqi children hurt by war all year round

Is there something about this time of year that makes stories featuring children more poignant? Or is it just that as we get closer to the holidays, we naturally hear more about the plight of children who have to make do with less in a can't-get-enough world? I have to confess that this has been…
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Abdul Hakeem Hussein Prepares To Go Back To Iraq

July 24, 2006 Six months ago, people in Pittsburgh had never heard of Abdul Hakeem Hussein. (Watch Video.) Now that he’s part of the family, it will be hard to say goodbye. Wounded during a bombing in Fallujah, the seven year old came to Pittsburgh in January for life-changing surgery. Now he’s finally ready to…
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Blogging Cole Miller – Dave Ross Show

KIRO Radio, Seattle May 2006 So, at first I was going to give you some more inside scoop on what’s happening over here at KIRO, and how someone stole a bunch of my books from my desk (news scavengers)….but then we had an amazing guest on the show today, and I was touched so I…
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Matching prosthetic eye lights up the face of wounded Iraqi boy

by John Beale - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Peering around a corner of the small waiting room yesterday, Abdul Hakeem Ismael Khalaf Hussein flashed a set of virtually identical brown eyes — one of them not even minutes old — at several cameras, causing one woman to well up with tears of joy. The 7-year-old Iraqi boy…
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Injured Iraqi Boy Continues Recovery, Has Surgery

A seven year old boy whose medical problems are a result of the war in Iraq took a step closer to being made whole today. Abdul Hakeem Hussein had more surgery today. Doctors at Children’s Hospital are trying to repair the severe damage done to his face during the war in his native Iraq. Last…
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Boy Injured by US Forces Treated in Pittsburgh

Seven-year-old Abdul-Hakeem Khalaf’s wide, slightly askew grin is beautiful enough, distracting from the disfiguring facial injuries left from a bombing in his hometown of Fallujah, Iraq. “I’m happy because I’m going to have a new look,” he said Sunday through an interpreter, shortly after arriving in Pittsburgh for reconstructive surgery. No More Victims, a Los…
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Injured Iraqi Child Getting Help In Pittsburgh

An Iraqi boy whose face was maimed after a U.S. air strike in 2004 is now in Pittsburgh for reconstructive surgery. (Watch Video Clip.) Abdul Hakim Ismael Hussein, 8, was blinded in one eye and suffered injuries to his jaw and cheek, after the explosion near his family’s home in Fallujah. “There are tens of…
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Is this war worth the price?

Pittsburgh Gazzette, Sally Kalson Pittsburghers were captivated this week by the 7-year-old Iraqi boy who arrived here for reconstructive facial surgery at Children’s Hospital, having been badly disfigured in an American bombing raid in 2004. On a shoestring budget, the American group No More Victims arranged for his medical care, got visas for the child…
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