No More Victims began in late 2002 as the invasion of Iraq approached. We worked to connect communities across the country with war-injured Iraqi children in desperate need of medical treatment. Our scope evolved to include families who are the victims of conflict, injustice, or policies that disenfranchise their freedom to thrive.

We secured medical reports, raised funds, evacuated children from war zones, traveled to the Middle East to provide accompaniment, developed media plans, organized travel and logistics, and obtained visas for the children and accompanying parents.

Local communities organized pro-bono treatment, housing, local logistics and media outreach, translation services, and tended to the daily needs of parents and children during treatment.

Through these community projects, children have received life-changing medical treatment in Los Angeles, Houston, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Boston, Greenville (SC), Portland (OR), San Francisco, and Portland (ME). High school and college students provided wheel chairs and other medical necessities to Iraqi families with injured children. Peace communities hosted children. Hundreds of volunteers gave generously of their time and talents.

The projects succeeded because they were entirely nonpartisan, entirely volunteer, and had one, singular agenda: to help the children and tell their stories. Local, grassroots efforts showed the human face of “collateral damage.” These stories penetrated the mainstream media, and thousands of Americans experienced war through the eyes of a child injured by war.

Each project is based on a simple working premise: If you want to create a more peaceful world, help the victims of conflict, discrimination, and injustice, and tell their stories.

A Citizens Response to Conflict and Policies That Impact the Innocent

We have demonstrated the power of the partnership model to creating a more peaceful and caring world, and proven that Americans in ordinary circumstances can directly intervene to provide some small measure of restorative justice to victims of conflict and policies that disenfranchise the innocent of their right to thrive.

A Theory of Change: One Child, One Family at a Time

We work to help one child, one family at a time, because we believe that a single act of care for just one person impacted by injustice can help create a more caring, more just world. That is our theory of change.

A Force Multiplier for Humanitarian Groups in Need

Today, we play the role of force multiplier for other frontline and grassroots organizations working to support victims of war, racism, gender inequality, and climate change. We serve exclusively as volunteer facilitators and advisors to those organizations and help them connect with resources that will advance the success of their humanitarian endeavors.

Project Facilitators and Advisors

Cole Miller is the project director and facilitator for No More Victims. He co-created and produced the environmentally-focused radio series Isla Earth, which took top honors in the News Bureau category of the 2008 Los Angeles Press Club’s 50th Annual Journalism Awards. He has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Al Jazeera, and the work of NMV has been profiled by People Magazine and many other publications.

Jonathan Hahn is the strategic advisor and communications director for No More Victims. He has over 20 years of experience working on behalf of humanitarian, environmental, and cultural arts nonprofits in roles as varied as editor, writer, policy advisor, team leader and community organizer, media trainer, and director of strategic communications.